New Website Release (v3r4): Adaptive Search is finally here!

We are excited to be able to share the launch of the first “e-commerce style” adaptive search engine in the United States pharmacy industry. This is the first time a pharmacy has offered users the ability to search drug prices by drug name, NDC, manufacturer, condition, clinical data, you name it! We have taken transparency to a new level

Below are some example types of searches you will be able to run on the search engine including not just brand or generic drug names, but health conditions, active ingredients, side effects, etc. We are also working on new ways to categorize and filter the results we serve you.

For example, we have already deployed the following unique filters:

  • Price Per Dose/Pack (Do you want to see capsules that cost 50¢/capsule or $1/capsule?)
  • Unit of Purchase (Do you want to only see Inhalers or Tablets?)
  • Brand/Generic (Do you want to see the generic versions only?)
  • Drug Name (Do you want to see Simvastatin 20mg tablets or 40mg tablets?)
  • Drug Manufacturer (Do you want to see Pfizer or Mylan product?)

We will be adding more filters over time including strength, drug uses, and more!

Search by Manufacturer or NDC:

Using our intelligent search engine you can now search in ways never thought of before with an online pharmacy. For example, you could pick a manufacturer we carry, i.e. by selecting a manufacturer from our recent study on Manufacturers to search our catalog to see what products we carry that are manufactured by them.

Here is the sample search query for drugs manufactured by Pfizer that we sell:

And here are the results:


Or, if you are interested in looking for a specific product by NDC Code (which are the pharmacy equivalent of “SKUs” issued by the FDA) you can search that way too.

So, for example, here is query string for the NDC code ‘76385011150’:

And, because there was a direct match we were directed to this page:


Our search engine is quite intelligent and can even recognize a partial NDC code.

For example, here is a partial NDC query for ‘6838‘:

Here is the query string:

And here are the results showing the 3.125mg Tab and the 6.25mg Tab. 

generic coreg partial search.PNG

Known Bugs:

  • Schedule III-V drugs not appearing in results
  • Drugs which we are missing imprint images from the manufacturer are showing as broken images

We will remove the known bugs from this post once resolved.

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