Dive Deeper: mailmyprescriptions.com releases drug manufacturer data from its’ drug catalog

As the first “e-commerce style” pharmacy experience in the United States we are able to extrapolate data about our “catalog” (our current and past offerings of FDA-approved prescription drugs), unlike any other independently owned pharmacy in the world. To promote transparency in the consumer pharmacy market we will publish certain data about our business from time-to-time.


As a licensed pharmacy in the United States, mailmyprescriptions.com must adhere to a “chain of custody“. Meaning, that we must purchase our supply of prescription drugs from licensed and VAWD-accredited wholesalers, who in turn purchase their supply of prescription drugs from FDA-approved drug manufacturers before we can sell and dispense them to our patients. We have to be able to obtain and show “pedigree” for our prescription drug supply, which is a statement of origin that identifies each prior sale, purchase, or trade of a drug, including the date of those transactions and the names and addresses of all parties to them.


We believe transparency is an important piece of the “pharmacy experience” that has been missing from the traditional retail pharmacy experience  The wholesalers which we acquire our drug supply from are confidential business relationships that are only disclosed to regulators. However, we do disclose, through our website, our drug catalog, down to the NDC (national drug code) of the FDA-approved prescription drugs we offer. This means you can see not just the manufacturer information, but also a tremendous amount of data about the specific drug you are looking at provided by the manufacturer.


  • 209 Manufacturers
  • 3,191 Drugs (Unique NDC Codes)
  • A single manufacturer represented an average of 0.48% of our total catalog


For the data table please click here to view it on our website.

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