New Pharmacy Experience Launching: Voice and SMS Adherence Reminders

Relax, it’s getting even easier to refill your prescriptions with! This fall we will be launching Voice and SMS Adherence Reminders which, are outbound notifications that you can opt into to get from us when your refills are coming due. We will contact you once our system estimates that you have about two weeks’ of medication left.

We are going to begin reaching out to all of our customers in the coming weeks to update their reminder and notification settings, if they want to participate.

Here is an example of the text message you might get from us when you opt-in to the program:


You will be able to choose from three methods to receive your reminders and notifications:

  • Automated Phone Call (Interactive Attendant System)
  • SMS with a link to our new secure refill portal (no call necessary)
  • Email with a link to our new secure refill portal (no call necessary)

You will also be able to opt-in to receive shipment notifications by Voice or SMS, in addition to our current method by email.

Here are some features of our new Interactive Attendant System:

  • Available 24/7/365
  • Check if you have refills available
  • Order refills
  • Initiate renewal of prescription that is out of refills
  • Check the status of a placed order

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