New Website Release (v3r2): New Mobile Experience Launched!

We have launched a beautiful new dedicated mobile experience today. The new homepage will help first-time shoppers learn more about in an easy to digest mobile friendly format, as well as continue to build on our enhanced shopping experience.

New Features:

  • The header is now static throughout the website.
  • Rotating call-outs above the header spotlight our latest promotions.
  • Clicking the ‘mobile menu’ will allow you to browse by drug name still.
  • Throughout the browsing experience, you can easily establish a phone call to our pharmacy by clicking the “CALL OUR PHARMACY” shortcut.
  • Throughout the browsing experience, you can click the search icon to expand a search bar. In October our Adaptive Search engine will be integrated into this search bar.

Check out some screenshots:

This experience is optimized for 16:9 resolutions starting at 1334 x 750 (Apple iPhone Gen 6, Samsung Galaxy 7, etc) however we will continue to optimize the experience for all mainstream mobile devices including tablets (iPads, etc.), e-readers (Amazon Kindles, etc.), and more.

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