New Website Release (v3r1): New Browsing Experience Launched!

We have launched a new desktop homepage look and feel, new website header design, and a new website footer design to improve our user experience. The design was inspired by both major e-retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc. and major ‘trusted content sources’ relevant to our demographic. like news websites and AARP. The idea was let’s have a website that is easy to navigate, search-centric, but also has compelling content.

This new design is geared towards the new “browsing experience” (searching and navigating our catalog of drugs) we are rolling out this fall, which will culminate with ‘adaptive search’. Once we finish deploying this new browsing experience we will begin improving our “landing page” experience (catalog pages, product pages, corporate pages). In our next release (v3r2), we will launch a new mobile-only responsive browsing experience.

We will blog about this new experience, and an evolution in our Company mission, in October.

Other big improvements with R1:

  • We have temporarily disabled list price data (AWP, WAC, etc.) and comparisons on product landing pages until our new product landing page design is deployed (Q4 2018)
  • We will no longer show out of stock items in our catalog or search results. If you land on a product page that is out of stock we will ask to automatically redirect to the equivalent in stock item.
  • We now sort our catalog by lowest price.
  • We now only serve our “Browse by Drug Name” experience on our mobile website.
  • We have added “Scheduled drugs” (Schedules III-V) to our website. In order to comply with various state laws and regulations, you will have to add the drug to your cart to see the price. You cannot accrue loyalty points on scheduled drugs.

Our desktop website is tested to work with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozzila Firefox, and Apple Safari browsers.

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